Dedicated to providing the most premier services, Twister Communication’s activities are divided into three categories:


Establishing a client’s credibility in the eye of their targeted group.
Maintaining great relations with the media and collaborating with them to maximize quality coverage.
Organizing interviews between journalists from top publications and a clients’ spokesperson.


Ensuring constant positive client activity and presence online.
Developing digital strategies to reach the online community (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)


Managing events to suit the clients’ objectives and gain maximum return.
Organizing press conferences and product launches.
Identifying speaking opportunities / relevant events linked to the brand.

Using the team's large network and cumulative knowledge of the region, the strategies developed stress the importance of efficient communications within all segments of the media – Print, Digital and Social. Through Twister’s excellent relationship with key individuals within the media and their ability to position and tailor client information in a way to attract the media’s attention, the team is able to communicate the client’s message through relevant articles featured in industry publications.